Ancient Wisdom for modern problems Creating money with spirit self Part II– Know thyself.

In the last article we talked about the process of manifestation: Today we will talk about the spirit-self.


My purpose of this article is not to go in the domain of spirituality, religion or science, My interest lies in the process of manifestation and the role our body, mind, & spirit plays in the process itself. To begin with. let me set the stage right and say that I am talking about spirituality in the most materialistic sense. In simple words, how to use the spirit to manifest the life you desire.

So, first of all, let me say that I believe, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We all are aware of the body, mind and spirit trilogy. But most often we do not want to delve into this stuff because we feel this is the domain of religion or spirituality.

To me, spirituality is a cultural heritage, since I was born in India and that too, to a very religious family. My father was a great yogi. And, unlike some gurus, I have not given myself an Indian name nor will I show you pictures of my yoga poses or recite Sanskrit mantras to impress you. But in reality, this stuff is in my genetics and it comes to me naturally. And I believe it is my calling to bring this stuff out in the open, especially when I see that an average person is struggling so much in life due to ignorance because our education system is directed towards growth in technology and our culture also rewards material achievement. The fact of the matter is we did not take birth with any material possession, nor can we take our houses and car with us, when we die. So obviously, the purpose of life has to be something different. And I believe it is all about evolving into higher consciousness as a species and each of us, collectively, play a big role in this evolution.

So, first of all, we have to understand that we are spiritual beings. We are created of energy and we live in a field of energy, just like fish is surrounded by water. This energy is alive and intelligent. Everything, including our body, mind, houses, cars, computers, trees, oceans and the whole universe is created of the same energy. Everything is connected. Everything begins and ends in this energy.

So to create the life that you desire, all you need to know is to understand how to work with this energy. For example, If you want to eat a cake, you can bake it or purchase it. You cannot just keep on looking at the picture of the cake or reading books and recipes or watch videos. You have to step into the kitchen. The process of manifestation happens in the quantum field. ( read the previous article- link) You have to step in there and learn how to work with it. There is no other way. In fact, you already know this stuff but you are doing it unknowingly. The struggle in life is just spiritual speed bumps that the universe puts in our way, to nudge us to learn more about ourselves and evolve.

Your body and mind is a tool for you ( your higher self) to create the life experiences you want. But most of the time we stay lost in the mind (in the head). The personal growth industry is full of mindset experts. But the fact of the matter is most mindset experts don’t know that the mind they are talking about is the conscious mind-- the brain. It is tangible. You can touch and feel it. If one has a brain tumor, the surgeon can open the head and remove the tumor. And, even though most experts will talk about the subconscious mind, as the be all & do all for the manifestation process, they cannot tell you where it is--What we have in our head is brain-- where is the mind? The mind is energy. It is intangible. It is a part of the quantum field. It penetrates through your body & connects you with the field.

When we talk about fixing your mind, we talk about self-limiting beliefs. This, of course, is based on memory. So where does the memory reside? In the brain? Think again. The memory resides in the quantum field in form of Akashic records. It holds all the information from the inception of the universe to the terminus, every time. To make my point, let’s imagine that you met with me at the New York airport. I was wearing jeans and a khaki jacket. Six months later, we talk on the phone and I ask you what was I wearing when I met with you at the NY airport? And you remember it was jeans and a khaki jacket. So if both of us have the same memory, is it in your head or mine? Neither, because the information is in Akashic field in the NY airport-- It’s information at a distance and your brain as well as mine goes and fetches that information on demand. This stuff is academic now. Quantum science has proven this beyond doubt.

But we still seem to prescribe to the old way of thinking, and this stuff has failed to be brought out to the mainstream. Imagine if we learn that mind set stuff does not exist what will happen to the coaching industry. It will disappear, overnight. Can you say what’s in the picture below?

Yes, it’s a typewriter. Once the computer got in the market, the typewriter became obsolete.

Similarly, once we accept the fact that the body/mind is a tool for the spirit to create material things and experience life, the “mindset” stuff will become obsolete.

Once you learn how to manifest with the spirit you will see that life has a lot more to offer. Once you start to operate from the spirit self, you will become the master of your body & mind and you will be able to manifest.

Your body and mind is a tool just like a cell phone, take a minute to look at the picture below and compare the Mind(brain) / Body as one tool and then compare it with the iPhone as another tool.

Once you come to that realization you can learn more how to get your body/mind under your command and create the life that you desire. It’s quite simple once you work with it.

In the upcoming article, I will talk about the 10 steps for manifesting with the spirit self. If you liked this article please share it with your friends, so together we can bring this knowledge out in the mainstream and work on collectively raising the consciousness.

Rajah Sharma is an Urban Yogi, a conscious business coach. He helps life coaches, energy healers, yoga teachers & transformation entrepreneurs to create a shift in their own energy so they can dial-in high paying clients. He teaches a fusion of Ancient Wisdom & Quantum Science. He is an author of five books and the founder of Maanas Yoga...Fearless Living and developer of a web-based coaching & accountability portal, with the world’s first digital chakra imaging system.

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