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If you have been in the personal growth industry for a while and you have been trying to make a lasting change in your personal or professional life, then you must have realized that what got you here is not going to take you to the next level. We believe that action creates results, and while this is true up to some extent, the action is the last step (7th step) in the process of manifestation.

When we don’t get results, we look outside of yourself, perhaps from an expert or a coach. If, even after that, we do not get results we turn to something beyond us. We may call it the universe, the source energy, God, higher self or any other name we give it. Most people do not want to talk about this “stuff” because we feel it is a taboo or “woo-woo”. And I am here to tell you that you are looking in the right direction. Once you shed your inhibitions, you’ll realize that it is a lot easy, in fact, quite easy to manifest, if you have the right know-how.

This article is in three(3) parts.

Part I : The process of Manifestation
Part II : The spirit self -- what is it and how to use it.
Part III: The 10 step practice.

The Process of Manifestation: The process of manifestation has 7 steps. Most of us believe that action creates results. And, while the action is necessary, it is the 7th & last step. The process of manifestation begins with desire or awareness of what you really, really want. The universe does communicate with you with the language of feeling so you have to create the feelings you will feel when you manifest the thing you desire.

However, a lot of people have an issue in creating feelings in the absence of the thing. The reason is very simple most people are not visionaries, they cannot see the unseen. Once you have the right vision, you also must make sure that the mind has a very very clear picture of what you are trying to manifest.

You must have the ability to see the unseen. For example:

If I showed you the acorn ( seed for an oak tree)  and asked you what you see, chances are good that you will say it is an acorn. But in reality, you have failed to see the full potential of the acorn until I show you the next picture.


Now if I ask you to close your eyes and see the oak tree coming out of the acorn, you can perhaps see it.

The fact of the matter is the acorn has not manifested in its full form. It needs to be in the ground, then it needs to be nurtured, with sunlight, and water and most important element is time.

Besides all this, we have to have faith. If you keep digging to see if the acorn has sprouted or to see how deep & strong the roots are, you will mess up the manifestation process.

The same holds true for all manifestation.


The process of manifestation happens in the quantum field. You must be able to see the unseen. You must also have the faith and once you set the intention (sow the seed in the quantum ground) you must allow time and have faith, which means not to question the result. It will happen in due time).

There are 10 steps to creating money with your spirit self. In the process of manifestation, the time is important. Since money is energy. You nurture it with positive energy and so you have to practice “non-action”-- this is the art of doing nothing. Being happy, while your creation is taking form in the quantum field.

In the next article we will talk about the spirit self. If you liked this article please share it with your friends, so together we can bring this knowledge out in the mainstream and work on collectively raising the consciousness.

Rajah Sharma is a Urban Yogi, a conscious business coach. He helps life coaches, energy healers, yoga teachers & transformation entrepreneurs to create a shift in their own energy so they can dial-in high paying clients. He teaches a fusion of Ancient Wisdom & Quantum Science. He is an author of five books and the founder of Maanas Yoga...Fearless Living and developer of a web based coaching & accountability portal, with the world’s first digital chakra imaging system.

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