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Are you a Freedom lifestyle entrepreneurs (life or biz coach, healer or a yoga teacher)?

Are you wondering what’s holding you back from crossing the 6 or multi 6- figure threshold? Then, this may be of interest to you.

So if you are trying to figure out what the heck is going on then you are in the right place. The universal principles are the same for everyone. We can be, do or have anything we desire. Then why am I struggling, you ask? The problem is we are to effing arrogant. The universe or the source energy wants us to be successful and then to serve others. So “ it” directs us. But we do not appreciate “it”. Appreciation based on love, not fear, need or greed. So then the universe throws us a curveball.  The struggle you are facing right now is a spiritual speed bump. The purpose of life should not be limited to the business. We keep on talking about the balanced life. But we focus on the work-life balance. The balance is supposed to be of energy. The body, mind and spirit.

The family, love, money, success, clients, cars, houses, vacations all of that flows once The Body, Mind & Spirit is aligned. We know more about our cell phone then we know about our body or mind. The body & mind is a tool just like the cell phone. The function of the cell phone is to communicate as well as hold data. The body/mind is the same way. It is a tool and supposes you are using for business to find the right clients then you need to be able to dial into your ideal clients or your client needs to be able to connect with you. We talked about this in the last article, using the metaphor of a radio broadcast.


So now you know that you use your body mind to broadcast and attract your ideal clients, your high paying clients, the people who love your work, the people who would pay you what you are worth, and shout out your praises from the rooftop, then you need to dial into them. The marketing gimmicks, the copywriting sorcery, and the mindset mumbo jumbo is external work. You need to create a shift from within.


If you dropped your iphone and the screen gets shattered you go to the iphone store, not to a gas station or grocery store right? Then when you are struggling to attract the clients you need to figure out how to dial into your clients or how to project the energy so they can dial in. Either way, the work is about energy. You need to go to a mind surgeon not fall for another “fake expert” who will sell you on the mindset or the marketing gimmicks. You have been through that rodeo before. You need something new, something that will set you apart. Something that will help you release all the struggles and attachment in 2018 and make 2019, the best year yet.


My name is Rajah Sharma. I am a yogipreneur, an author and the developer of I help Freedom lifestyle entrepreneurs, such as life or biz coaches, energy healers & yoga teachers to attract high paying clients & scale their business.

If this subject is of interest to you and you would like to be a trailblazer and share this knowledge with your tribe then leave me comments below and let’s start a conversation, perhaps a movement to create conscious change in the personal growth world. Let’s get beyond the mindset in the quantum mind space & create the life you desire.

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